moshBox as a design company is focused on creatively merging innovative internet design concepts with working small business solutions for the world wide web and print marketing. the moshBox approach is one of simplicity and focus.

the moshBox new media mission is driven by clarity of message and integrity of design. the moshbox method is based on building solid client relationships that are founded on a goal of mutual success. we strive to create a working environment where our drive to build our client’s success is equalled by our client’s desire to see us succeed at our craft.

above all, moshBox values a client’s beliefs and objectives. therefore, our creative success is ultimately measured by our client’s satisfaction.

moshBox of columbus, ohio

you can contact moshBox by mail or telephone at the real world physical location of our columbus, ohio office. you can also reach moshBox via the internet from the comfort of your office computer or poolside laptop by using our web site contact page.