full-service is the moshBox difference

moshBox media of columbus ohio provides full-service custom web design including domain name selection and registration, web site hosting and email account services, web page design and launch, search engine optimization, long-term website maintenance and web design updates/upgrades. each web development project is created from scratch according to the individual design needs and specifications of the client.

web development services menu
the following are moshBox media services are available for your company web site project:

– graphic design
– corporate identity
– company logo design
– database driven dynamic web site content
professional web copywriting
– detailed web site statistics
– website visitor contact forms
– secure client/customer web site access
– web site client content management
– search engine optimization services
– web site hosting and email services

the web is your future
whether you decide today or next week or next year, its an inevitable fact that your business or organization will be on the web someday. the internet is a huge and powerful virtual reflection of the real world. eventually, the web will actually contain more information than the real world. the vehicle of a true glogal village, the web makes contact between individuals and business easier and more vivid everyday. our computers connect to the web. our phones connect to the web. our televisions connect to the web. the web has absorbed and enhanced all media. images, video, audio and more–all ignite the multimedia experience now humming along at higher and higher speeds. commerce, communication, transactions and enlightenment simultaneously merge and divide and merge again on the living membrane of the web. therefore, the web is far more than a business option. the web is a business destination. it’s an unlimited tool which must be first be tackled and tamed by each and every business, large and small, that wishes to move forward and see growth and prosper and ultimately, survive. the web is a necessity of survival, more and more, and moshBox is ready to equip your business with the proper tools of meeting this task of survival, of stepping into your business’s future. web design, therefore, is much more than just building a web site.