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Print Design Portfolio

the print design portfolio contains print design projects created by moshBox media of columbus, ohio. all photography, copywriting and graphic design used in the projects shown is by moshBox unless noted otherwise.

select a print design project from the list at the left to view more details about each project.

holiday greeting card

holiday card designed for brian kent jones architect.

the folded card size is 4.25 in. high x 6.00 in. wide printed in 4 color exterior and 1 color interior. all card copywriting was executed by moshBox media.

holiday greeting card design detail views:
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holiday greeting card

holiday card designed for meleca architecture and urban planning.

the folded card size is 4.25 in. high x 6.00 in. wide printed in 4 color exterior and 1 color interior. all card copywriting was completed by moshBox media.

holiday greeting card design detail views:
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holiday greeting card

holiday card designed for the ransom group executive search consultants.

the folded card size is 6.00 in. high x 9.25 in. wide printed in 4 color exterior and 1 color interior. all project copywriting was created by moshBox media.

holiday greeting card design detail views:
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corporate logo design – gallerie 1

moshBox media can work with your company to develop company branding and marketing identity within your industry that will express your company’s unique personality and establish graphic consistency and brand integrity for your business.

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corporate holiday greeting card design

this holiday card was designed for the ransom group executive search consultants.

the folded card size is 4.5 in. high x 6.0 in. wide printed in 4-color process cmyk on both the exterior and interior. the cards are aqueous coated as well. all project copywriting was provided by moshBox media.

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company holiday card design

this holiday card was designed for pamela stavroff design associates, an interior design firm in columbus, ohio.

the folded card size is 4.5 in. high x 6.0 in. wide printed in 4-color process printing [aqueous coated] on both the exterior and interior. all project copywriting was provided by moshBox media.

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Columbus Web Design Portfolio

our design portfolio contains web site design projects by moshBox web design of columbus, ohio. the design and build process of all website projects shown was completed by moshBox media. many website projects are for small businesses located in columbus, ohio. most of the web site designs included in our web site client portfolio also include web page copywriting and photography design work by moshBox. several projects involved new corporate identity and company logo designs as part of the moshBox services.

select a web site design project from the company list at the left to view more details about each small business web site development project and as well as obtain a web address to visit each web site. moshBox is also a full-service advertising agency providing print media marketing material to promote your company products or corporate services. to view more small business services offered by moshBox media such as corporate identity design or print marketing, visit our print marketing design portfolio page.

design portfolio website

betley vistain builders
custom estate home builders
columbus, ohio

betley vistain builders is a leader in central ohio for high caliber new single family home construction and residential renovation projects.

visit the web site:

specialty columbus
architectural building products company
columbus, ohio

specialty columbus is a leader in central ohio architectural building products for the single family homes, multifamily housing and light commercial construction projects for both the builder and homeowner

visit the web site:

the ransom group
health care executive search consultants
columbus, ohio

the ransom group is a national retained search firm providing professional consulting services within the area of executive recruitment and management selection.

visit the web site:

meleca architecture and planning
retail, civic, office and residential architecture
columbus, ohio

meleca architecture is a small firm creating timeless buildings inspired by classicism and new urban design principles.

visit the site:

stanbery development
lifestyle retail center developer
columbus, ohio and manasquan, new jersey

stanbery is a real estate development company whose principals possess over 50 years of collective commercial development experience.

visit the site:

imagevelocity inc.
marketing and graphic design company
san francisco, california

imagevelocity has achieved great success with its retail pharmaceutical marketing programs across the country.

visit the site:

apco industries inc.
building products company
columbus, ohio

apco industries is well known for its high quality retail and wholesale building products sales and service throughout the central ohio area.

visit the site:

the shoppes at union hill
retail center
denville, new jersey

the shoppes at union hill is a new specialty retail center with stores that include banana republic, panera, gap, pier 1, starbucks and qdoba.

visit the site:

y-buzz music
local online music resource
columbus, ohio

y-buzz was designed to offer local musicians a place to showcase and sell their music simply and inexpensively online. the y-buzz project was cancelled prior to completion by the owners.

visit the web site:

in the works

oylair specialty
circleville, ohio
fluid power components distributor

the shoppes at english village
montgomeryville, pennsylvania
lifestyle retail center

brian kent jones architects
columbus, ohio
residential architecture

stock and stone architects
columbus, ohio
residential architects

the shoppes at susquehanna marketplace
harrisburg, pennsylvania
lifestyle retail center


Search Engine Ranking Services

the web is a big place
with over four billion web pages indexed on the internet, search engine results placement has become a complicated and challenging task. there are some businesses that are not concerned about their search engine ranking. web presence is their primary objective. search engine promotion is not required for the success of their small business sales or marketing.

get found or fade to black
other companies, however, are relying more and more on the huge customer base that searches for products and services everyday on the internet using search engines like google, yahoo, msn, ask jeeves and altavista.

the science of search engine optimization
to capture this valuable clientele resource, your website must achieve high ranking in the search engine results. a simple search engine submittal of your web site address to a few search engines does not accomplish this search engine positioning anymore. successful search engine optimization requires a critical analysis of your target audience, precise web copywriting, knowledge of search technology and an keen aptitude of search engine ranking techniques and promotion.

a simple seo plan for success
search engine placement is a very fluid and volatile process. however, moshBox offers a variety of proven, time-tested search engine ranking services capable of achieving the best possible search engine positioning for your small business web site.


Other Services

Small Business Corporate Identity

your company graphic image
brand development is a critical aspect of growth for every business as well as a vital element for establishing a unique image in the marketplace. moshBox can assess the brand identity needs for your specific industry and target audience and develop a corporate identity design package for your business including a logotype with implementation and application guidelines.

small business corporate identity services
– company logo design
– letterhead
– business cards
– mailing and packaging labels
– corporate reports
– corp. id. implementation guidelines.
– annual reports
– linecards
– brochures
– web site and internet marketing
– corporate sponsorship
– print advertising

flash web site design

intelligent flashiness
moshBox has created many web sites using macromedia flash technology. flash is a creative tool that allows sophisticated control of animation and audio to provide a richer and more robust multimedia experience. macromedia flash can be incorporated to enhance parts of the site or the entire site can be totally created in flash. in qualified hands and for the right purposes, flash offers intellegent corporate web solutions that go beyond the ‘flashy’ animations for which it has become known.

print marketing and advertising

people still love print
print is still the king of ‘touchy-feely’ marketing. print offers endless branding and promotional opportunities to reach your current clients and future customers. print marketing is the most direct method to get information about your company products or corporate services into the hands of your target audience. moshBox utilizes our unique understanding of your corporate image and methodology to extend your company identity with the power of print media. the following is just a few of the many print design materials that can be dynamically deployed to distinguish your firm from the competition.

print marketing tools
– sales and product brochures
– magazine ads
– event announcements
– newspaper advertisements
– postcard design
– poster graphic design
– mailers/handouts/flyers/newsletters
– cd-rom presentations

web copywriting

words can be beautiful too
the best web design requires the best web copy. great images without expressive and informative web copy can neutralize the entire web user experience.

scanning the web
professional web copywriting requires an understanding of the purpose and psychology of the web visitor. most users do not interact with the internet the way they do a magazine or newspaper. these differences translate into a need for web copy that allows the site user to get the information they seek quickly and move on. many users would rather go to another site than to sort through extensive text essays attempting to find what they are after. therefore, web copy must be clear, precise and direct as well as creative.

read on if you like
there are, of course, justifiable instances where text laden pages are necessary and welcomed. moshBox copywriting services achieve success by celebrating the fine balance between a clear brevity of communication and creative expression of original writing.

photography services

great images make great web pages
professional digital photography and superior image editing services are crucial to the success of any high caliber website. moshBox photographic services offer a variety of solutions, from partial to full-scale, designed to meet the specific photography and image requirements of each business. photography work created by moshBox can be uniquely tailored in coordination with the design concept, color, style and theme of your web site design or print presentation.

company logo design

a logo is your company’s smile
company branding development is a vital component of growth for every small business as well as a crucial design parameter for evoking a unique image in your industry. the centerpiece of any small business brand is the company logo. your company logo graphically speaks volumes about your business character, success, style and attitude. moshBox media assesses the corporate identity needs for your specific market and target clientele and creates a logo design package for your business including marketing and advertising graphic guidelines that sends this corporate message clearly and professionally.

company logo design portfolio
a collection of company logo designs executed by moshBox media can be viewed in our print marketing portfolio section of this web site.

web site content management

freshness counts
the best web design requires the best ideas and implementation. but what happens after the launch. a great web site design will soon gather dust if it is not properly maintained. this means keeping the content fresh. images and copy must be updated and enhanced regularly.

self-serve and full-serve available
many web design projects by moshBox include a content management console which is used by clients to interface with the content of a web site. this allows clients to make easy updates to the website without requiring any html code skills. the other option is to have moshBox be responsible for regular web content updates. either option greatly surpasses the alternative of no content updates. this is to be avoided.

web content management services
moshBox is happy to offer the following web site content management services:
image and content updates
web site technology upgrades
web site additions and enhancements

other things we do at moshBox
-web site hosting and management
-domain name registration and renewal
-search engine optimization
-off-line cd-rom presentations


Columbus Ohio Custom Web Design and Beyond

full-service is the moshBox difference

moshBox media of columbus ohio provides full-service custom web design including domain name selection and registration, web site hosting and email account services, web page design and launch, search engine optimization, long-term website maintenance and web design updates/upgrades. each web development project is created from scratch according to the individual design needs and specifications of the client.

web development services menu

the following are moshBox media services are available for your company web site project:

– graphic design
– corporate identity
-company logo design
– database driven dynamic web site content
– professional web copywriting
– detailed web site statistics
– website visitor contact forms
– secure client/customer web site access
– web site client content management
– search engine optimization services
– web site hosting and email services

the web is your future

whether you decide today or next week or next year, its an inevitable fact that your business or organization will be on the web someday. the internet is a huge and powerful virtual reflection of the real world. eventually, the web will actually contain more information than the real world. the vehicle of a true glogal village, the web makes contact between individuals and business easier and more vivid everyday. our computers connect to the web. our phones connect to the web. our televisions connect to the web. the web has absorbed and enhanced all media. images, video, audio and more–all ignite the multimedia experience now humming along at higher and higher speeds. commerce, communication, transactions and enlightenment simultaneously merge and divide and merge again on the living membrane of the web. therefore, the web is far more than a business option. the web is a business destination. it’s an unlimited tool which must be first be tackled and tamed by each and every business, large and small, that wishes to move forward and see growth and prosper and ultimately, survive. the web is a necessity of survival, more and more, and moshBox is ready to equip your business with the proper tools of meeting this task of survival, of stepping into your business’s future. web design, therefore, is much more than just building a web site.


moshBox Business Services

small business design services

moshBox is a web page designer and website developer located in columbus, ohio.
moshBox media also offers full scope corporate design services for new media and print.

moshBox media provides the following small business services to enhance your corporate brand or establish your company identity:

web design

moshbox media has experienced web designers to create your new website or renovate your existing internet site. your web page design can simply be a great online brochure for your business or be the core marketing hub for your full line of products and services. the internet can invigorate your company growth within columbus, ohio or expand your advertising target audience to major cities outside of ohio throughout the usa.

print marketing design

moshBox media services are not limited to great web site designs. moshBox can help you create a total company brand and develop a marketing strategy that is custom fit for your business print marketing design goals and advertising objectives. starting with an effective logo design, moshBox carefully crafts a unique and forceful marketing message through selectively chosen and proven advertising methods. whether the approach is as simple as a direct mail postcard or a more long-term plan involving product brochures and online mini-sites, moshBox can provide the right marketing strategy for success.

web site database development

the days or static html web pages are gone. this method of web design has proven to be too high maintenance and too costly to keep up with the pace of the internet audience’s need for fresh content and up-to-date news and information. web site maintenance is now big business and this business requires a sophisticated database-driven website to meet the needs for robust and dynamic content management. this is why all moshBox web design projects are exclusively database connected content sites. the architecture of each moshBox site also contains a comprehensive client backend content control console. this allows the client complete and immediate control over content updates and additions from any remote location in the world. this is the most effective way to provide very current and compelling web site content—by placing the client in the commanding position to implement revisions as needed and when needed.

web content management design

moshBox also contracts with several of our web site clients to provide content management services.

internet search engine ranking

the importance of getting your present customers and future clients to your web page can not be emphasized enough. the vastness of the www makes this a sometimes daunting and enormous task. with hundreds or even thousands of other business professionals marketing to the same target audience as your company, this need becomes a truly fundamental one for some and even a vital requirement for others. moshBox has provided search engine optimization services for many columbus, ohio small businesses to get them to the top echelons of google, yahoo, msn and ask search engines and keep them there. this seo service, once an elective option, is now one of the key components to a successful web development project.

make a selection at the left menu to view any of our central ohio small business design services in more detail.


The Web Design Company

moshBox as a design company is focused on creatively merging innovative internet design concepts with working small business solutions for the world wide web and print marketing. the moshBox approach is one of simplicity and focus.

moshBox of columbus, ohio

you can contact moshBox by mail or telephone at the real world physical location of our columbus, ohio office. you can also reach moshBox via the internet from the comfort of your office computer or poolside laptop by using our web site contact page.



columbus ohio – home of moshBox web design

columbus ohiocolumbus, ohio, located in central ohio, is the 15th largest city in the united states. the population of columbus, ohio in 2002 was 725,000 residents. greater columbus is home to about 1.6 million community members. some key columbus, ohio points of interest and community resources are the arena district, german village, the columbus zoo, the north market, cosi, the wexner center for the arts, six flags wyandot lake park, easton town center and the short north district. columbus is also home to the ohio state university, the osu medical center and the columbus regional airport authority including port columbus international airport.

the columbus, ohio sports teams include the columbus blue jackets of the nhl, the columbus crew soccer team, the columbus clippers aaa baseball team and of course, the ohio state buckeyes of big ten football. last but certainly not least, columbus is home to 14 skyline chili restaurants.

columbus ohio – websites of reference

a web site to get current information and columbus, ohio data is the columbus dot org website. it has a wide range of columbus points of interest to the long-timebresident and the new visitor as well. up-to-date news about columbus, ohio current events, community information and local sports team scores are all to be found there. the dispatch newspaper internet site is home of the biggest local columbus news publisherc of central ohio. it carries daily articles about local political drama, neighborhood activities, sporting events and columbus weather. it is available in a home-delivered format too. the official city of columbus website offers information and demographic data about columbus and surrounding suburban areas like dublin, upper arlington, bexley, worthington, westerville and new albany. a wide spectrum of useful resources about columbus including city council, commercial development, local schools and even leaf collection schedules can be found here.